Love at first delivery: what do end users think of the Smart Point?


When was the last time you ordered something online? Yesterday? In the last half an hour? Are you maybe ordering something right now? The way in which we shop, both services and products, has made a massive leap in the last 5 to 10 years. A few years ago, ordering something online happened on special occasions -for instance, when the item we needed just wasn’t available in our country. However, in 2021, shopping online can easily become a weekly and even daily activity. Acknowledging the need to allow users to receive orders without interrupting their daily activities, several buildings across Europe have acquired a Smart Point: a multiservice single point offering delivery and convenience services for the corporate, residential, health and public sector. 

What is a Smart Point and how does it improve the experience inside the building?

The Smart Point is, in many ways, the evolved version of a traditional smart locker: it can receive personal and corporate packages as well online shopping inside of its compartments, catering for residential buildings and corporate buildings:

  • The user will be able to receive packages even when they are not available. The courieur will leave the package inside of one designated locker for the user to pick up whenever they are ready to. The lockers are also theft-proof and completely secure.
  • Deliveries are 100% contactless through the use of locker opening codes sent to the user’s phone. Plus, the user does not need to be in contact with the courieur. 
  • All deliveries can be directed to the one Smart Point in the building, unclogging the reception area and minimising the access to providers and third parties beyond the entrance area.
  • Delivery costs are minimised and in most services, are absolutely free for the user. 

The Smart Point marketplace: where is it and what does it offer?

The Smart Point comes with a marketplace offering 220+ convenience services. It can be accessed through the touch screen at the smart locker, or through the phone app. Here are some of the services that can be found in the marketplace:

  • Dry-cleaning, phone and device repairs, shoe repair, seamstress, over the counter chemist articles, self-care products, flowers and gifts and more.
  • Food and meal delivery services, including weekly menus and restaurant services for offices and residential buildings.
  • Amazon shopping returns and exchanges, as well return services for other shops around the world
  • Storage service for foldable bikes and scooters plus charging ports for electric scooters and devices. 

These are just some of the main services of the Smart Point. However, it is worth knowing that, its software being open source, the Smart Point can integrate any service, shop or provider around the world, for free and immediately. 


What do the users have to say about the Smart Point services?

Now you know the key services and advantages of the Smart Point. However, does it really do the job? What do the end users think after using all of its convenience services? Here are 5 reviews from some of our current users:

  • 'For me it is a great help being able to retrieve packages from my workplace, and the return service is a massive win.' Evelyn Plaza, User Care Administrative at the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor in Barcelona by Quirón Salud.
  • ‘Recently I have had an issue with an Amazon order and the Smart Point customer service has been able to sort it for me very swiftly: they guarantee that I will be able to receive my packages hassle-free.’ Silvia Jove
  • ‘Not long ago i started to use this service at my building and honestly it allows me to stop obsessing about knowing when exactly the delivery guy will turn up. You just know everything will be taken care of.’ Alejandro Mora, Residential User. 
  • ‘At Zambon we are incredibly satisfied with the benefits that the Smart Point brings to our employees.’ Facility manager at Zambon Pharma.  
  • ‘The Smart Point has a very complete catalog. 5/5 would definitely recommend it to a friend.’ Greystar user. 

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