3 ways in which the Smart Point is making EU cities sustainable


In 2019, around 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases were emitted in Europe alone. This alarming figure corresponds to human activity related to the development of the population and industry: the burning of fossil fuels, used by most vehicles; industrial production, especially in the chemical and steel sector; and the energy supplies that power our cities and buildings are the main causes. To that, we need to add the strain that garbage disposal and general waste related to production are putting on the world’s wellbeing. While it is not in the power of many to influence the effects of industrial production, we can still work during our day to day to make an impact. From Mayordomo we want to put at your disposal the best candidate to help ease this problem: the Smart Point. 

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1.Promoting sustainability by helping reduce CO2 in last mile deliveries

As we have stated at the beginning of this blog, one of the major evils that affects our planet are the toxic emissions. Hence, we have designed a delivery system especially to deal with this issue: the Smart Route. Let’s start from the beginning: amongst several other functions, the Smart Point is responsible for receiving all purchases, mail, services and errand orders from all users in a building. These orders are stored in the Smart Point until they can be collected. That means that these deliveries can be fulfilled without the user having to physically be in the building.

That alone means that failed deliveries automatically disappear, which also results in less journeys to complete one order. On the other hand, behind each Smart Point there is a team of Mayordomo delivery men that deal with all orders across different buildings. This means that one journey can easily be enough to complete several orders from several buildings. 

Through the Mayordomo Smart Route, buildings across Europe are managing to reduce emissions and ease city traffic. With the help of the repeated use in each building, one single Smart Point can help reduce up to 5,4 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

2.Making the Smart Point low-consumption and promoting 0 emissions mobility

In line with not increasing the impact that buildings have in the environment, the Smart Points are low-consumption. Also, all of our delivery vans across Europe are electric vehicles. Not contempt with these two measures alone, we have also decided to add charging stations for folding bicycles and electric scooters. 
With that we intend to promote sustainable ways of moving around the city, adding an extra layer of comfort on the user’s experience with their electrical portable vehicles.

Helping the local businesses thrive and making intra-city commerce sustainable

As much as we all enjoy being able to order products and services from around the world in a cost-effective way, we cannot ignore the strain that this can cause in small local businesses. For that reason, the Smart Point’s marketplace contains over 220 services, many of which are provided by smaller businesses and artisans located in the building’s area. With that, we intend to feed the economy and commerce of each city in Europe, giving a chance to the user from both Residential buildings and offices to discover high-quality products and services around their area. 

Also, these close proximity orders also have an impact in reducing emissions, not having to rely on international and trans-continental means of transportation to be fulfilled. 

With all this, we honor our mission to turn all European cities into sustainable cities, one building at a time, providing the user with the latest technology that will not only improve their quality of life, but also that of the planet.
From Mayordomo we want to thank all our customers and users, who help us make the world a better place, one order at a time.
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