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As September rolls in and after two years of living our lives within a pandemic context, a lot of us are slowly going back to work from the office. Companies doing their best to stage our return to their buildings safely, a lot of new preventive tech and policies are being used -contactless doors, temperature checking guns, safety distances, etc. A lot of smart offices have upped their tech game, to the point of offering automatised, contact free convenience and package delivery services to their workers, both as an incentive to bring them back to their workplaces, as well as to keep them safe and happy whilst doing so.

Smart package delivery automation service: the future of online shopping

We have all found ourselves being pulled out of our desired yet scarce flow state whilst working because our package (a week later than scheduled) arrived at the office. Or had our meetings interrupted, or have been scolded by the receptionist because it is our 4th package this week, or got called 20 times because the courieur just wouldn’t come to our floor. 

smart point in a lobby with user picking up packages at their own timing

We have all been there. And it is inconvenient, annoying and disruptive for us and everyone around us. To avoid this problem, hundreds of offices across Europe have started using the Smart Point, a universal package collection point for smart buildings. 

  • The Smart Point lockers can be placed anywhere within the building and will become the only reception and pick up point for everyone’s parcels, whether personal or corporate. 
  • Courieurs will be able to deposit your parcel within a compartment, where it will remain safely locked, waiting to be picked up at the user’s convenience.
  • Everyone using the service will receive a unique one-time compartment opening code via text message, that will allow them to open and pick up their parcels safely and completely free of contact. 

Thanks to the Smart Point, users can receive their parcels without needing to interrupt what they are doing or needing to bother anybody else asking them to pick it up for them. The reception area will be cleared of unnecessary package clutter and courieurs will no longer need to wander around the building in order to deliver to the right location. 

Corporate and employee convenience services: the stepping stone for work life balance

Having worked from home on and off for nearly 2 years, we have all realised something very important: work life balance is key for a healthy mind, body and to keep engaged with our families and loved ones. Being able to work from home has allowed us to have more time to unwind and to simply be with ourselves and other people that are important to us. 

Users picking up their convenvience service orders at the office's smart point.

So one concern coming back to the office is to simply lose this new found, more relaxed way of existing. However, this does not need to be the case: it is all about using technology in a smart way, making it work for us. And again, the Smart Point services become our best ally in this matter:

  • With the Smart Point, you will be able to manage your errands in a matter of minutes, saving circa 45 minutes of your personal time per errand. 
  • Some of the available errand services include dry cleaning, laundry, shoe and garment repairs, administrative tasks, document translation services, contact lenses and chemist products delivery and more.
  • You can also stop spending time worrying over food prep or food shopping, since the Smart Point marketplace also offers weekly healthy menus for offices, as well as food and beverage delivery services. 
  • Other services such as personal care products, makeup and wellbeing product order and delivery are available for all users.

All that taken into consideration, going back to the office should be relatively easy and pleasant, when using the right tools and systems. Because of the value added, both for the users and in the building itself, its usability, innovation and convenience Smart Point has quickly become a trustee ally of Smart Buildings and offices across Europe. 

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