Paying for convenience: benefits of parcel delivery services Smart Point junio 29, 2022

Paying for convenience: benefits of parcel delivery services

Property values are the main drivers for all transactional business in residential Real Estate. Typically this is heavily linked to a property´s positioning with the adage ‘location, location, location’ being regularly used by promoters and investors. However, in this day and age, location is becoming less important, since we as users operate mostly via remote means – it is the era of the internet: we want to remotely shop, exercise, work and even go on dates, from the comfort of our homes! Amongst other things, that means that online shopping has become a huge part of our day-to-day within our residence, which creates the need of acquiring Smart Point and smart delivery services to avoid chaos within the property.

Parcel delivery services, convenience and comfort for everyone in the building

Prospective residents’ needs have shifted. Up until not long ago, a building located in an urban area offering plentiful services and leisure opportunities was the most desirable. Now, smart homes that already contain amenities are starting to win the race. The message is clear: buildings need to be ready to address the user’s need for immediate convenience. 

Different Proptech companies offer building owners a variety of convenience services where the end user’s wellbeing is the main focus: from electric vehicle chargers, building management apps and parcel lockers, all the way to smart home tech and IoT. 

eCommerce being a huge part of users’ shopping flow, Smart Point’s delivery optimisation systems bring in the best possible solution to add value to the users’ lives:

  • The end of failed deliveries: because online shopping can be delivered directly into the lockers, the user does not need to be kept waiting for the courieur, meaning the end of failed deliveries and freeing the users’ time. 
  • Up to 45 minutes saved per transaction: by using the Smart Point services, a huge chunk of the transactional and payment time is shaved from the user’s schedule. 
  • More available reception area and clearer building spaces: reception staff members no longer need to worry about parcel management duties, making them more available to the user for more important tasks. Also, building spaces will become clear of accumulated parcels waiting to be picked up.

Added value, increased revenues and tenancy acceleration 

Aside from parcel management services, this multi locker system’s innovative and functional design allows the user to easily manage various aspects of their day to day from the comfort of their home, heavily reducing administration time (up to 45 minutes per transaction) and costs. Residents can send clothes to the dry-cleaners, order pharmacy products and even charge and store their electric scooter, amongst many other administrative and daily tasks.

These premium convenience and parcel delivery services allow properties across Europe to create their own demand and attract their own footfall, accelerating sales and rental operations and increasing the building’s value, whilst having a real positive impact on the user’s quality of life.

Residential building’s ESG agenda added points and sustainability policies

Another main goal when installing parcel delivery systems such as Smart Point is to fight the effects of climate change by heavily reducing eCommerce related toxic emissions to the atmosphere, favouring the building’s ESG agenda, reducing Scope 3 emissions. 

One single Smart Point can reduce up to 4,5 tonnes of CO2 a year, this number being achieved through a carbon neutral delivery route, which fulfills hundreds of orders in one single journey, using one single electric delivery vehicle:

  • 25% decrease in logistics traffic
  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • 100% successful delivery rate

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