Smart Point: the AI that will revolutionise residential buildings


Recently, Mayordomo Smart Points have had the honour of having been appointed as the winners of the 2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards, by Wealth & Finance. As per the traditional media portrayal of an ‘AI’, most might think of a humanoid robot with nearly human emotions, or even a form of cybernetic life that floats within the net. So you, the reader, might be reading this on your phone, scratching your head thinking, ‘Are Smart Points really an AI? Does that mean that my electronic mailbox will suddenly start telling me about its day?’ The fact is that Artificial Intelligence is more present in our day-to-day than we might initially think, riding us off repetitive tasks and triggering algorithms to help us with our shopping. 

Let’s start with the basics: what on Earth is an AI?

Put very simply, Artificial Intelligence is that intelligence displayed by machines, in opposition to organic intelligence (humans and animals), which comes together with consciousness and emotions. Behind this simple definition, we can find an entire branch of computer science dedicated to designing smart machines and systems capable of performing tasks that require a human level of intelligence and understanding. 

We find it in our Social Media, travel booking pages, online marketplaces, search engines and even inside of our homes and in a myriad of services that we use daily. Here are some examples:

  • AI in Residential buildings: a very obvious example of AI within the home setting are the smart home robots, such as the famous Roomba, smart window cleaners and even small security robots that wander around the house. However, it doesn’t end here: AI based systems such as smart lighting, smart air conditioning and heating systems for entire buildings can both improve the residents’ wellbeing and help them save money in energy bills. We can also find multiservice ports and delivery management AI-based systems such as the Smart Point, which can bring any service or item needed to the user without them needing to leave their residence. 
  • Shopping and E-commerce: we have all had the experience of googling our dream travel destination one day, to then find suggestions and deals for this same location floating across whichever pages we visit the following days. This is because companies and online marketplaces are using machine learning to build stronger relationships with their customers and to improve their experience. These ads are based on algorithms triggered by the customers’ interests and needs. 
  • Artificial intelligence for workplaces: on one hand, the same systems that we can find in residential buildings can enhance the user’s experience within an office setting: endearing cleaning robots, temperature control systems, Smart Points… You name it! However, it doesn’t stop here: there are a myriad of personal assistant AIs that can rid the user from time-consuming administrative tasks, as well as AI-based systems to optimise the hiring process, marketing softwares, analytics and business data processors and many, many more.
  • Healthcare and medicine: Artificial intelligence has definitely been a game changer for the health sector. From robot-assisted surgery and Diagnostic Pathology AIs, to virtual assistants that help free hospitals of unnecessary visits, there has been a lot of improvement brought to Healthcare and medicine thanks to computer learning. 

So, all of this put in contrast, why are we calling the Smart points an AI?

As you might have gathered so far, Artificial Intelligence can make our lives immensely easier at different levels. Which is exactly why we have decided to use it to improve the Smart Points software. The Smart Points’s AI uses Big Data to add value to the users’ lives, allowing them to spend more quality time with their family and friends by automating chores and processes that are both time consuming and costly.

The Smart Point software allows us to:

  • Automate Digitisation and cataloguing of services and products from local shops onto a single point of Service. 
  • Allow for automated deposit and pick up of any service and product from any shop in the world. 
  • Automatically populate a list of popular services from shops available in a 1.5km radius, allowing the user to request them via an interactive screen, with automated drop off and pick up options.
  • With our Smart system, we allow users across Europe to obtain services and products safely and within the comfort of their residence. At the same time, it benefits small retailers and service providers to build strong local communities, reaching zero carbon in ecommerce and local commerce delivery chains.

Our goal is to provide the best service to our clients, ensuring that every delivery and service at the smart point is received on time and as specified, to add value to their lives and enhance their experience within the residence or office.

Do you want to know more about the Smart Points? Make sure to get in touch! 

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