Smart Point in talks to power the smart locker network with 6G


Ever since Samsung released their paper “The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All” past July 2020, 6G has become a topic of interest amongst tech enthusiasts and companies. While it is not said to be developed until 2030, its futuristic, almost sci-fi alleged applications are enough to spark the conversation and allow us to theorise about this hyper-connected future. However, understanding the serious benefits that the 6G network could have for both population and companies, in Smart Points we have realised that theorising is simply not enough. For that reason, we have started working to power our smart locker network with a 6G power grid. 

So, ¿What exactly is 6G and what can it do for us?

Since the 1980s, we have witnessed new generations of mobile technology appearing every decade. 2G (second generation) first appeared in the 1990s, followed by 3G in the early 2000s, 4G in 2010 and, recently and still under works, 5G in 2020. From the voice services of 2G up until the 1Gbps data transfer speed of 4G, there has been a long journey of improvements and value additions. 

5G has similar objectives than its predecessors: going beyond 4G’s technical limitations. Amongst other features, it will bring us 20Gbps data transfer speed, which will allow us to download and send large amounts of heavy files almost instantly.

When it comes to that, 6G will be very different. It will, of course, be better than 5G in all technical and performative aspects, its peak wireless data rates being around 100 Gbps and its latency being reduced to µs. However, it’s improvements are not limited to data transfer speed and latency. Here are some examples of 6G’s features:

  • IoT connectivity will be much denser, allowing device to device communication to be more complex and allowing even more devices to be interconnected. In time, this will allow for IoE (Internet of Everything) to be an active part of our day-to-day, social context, and even personal health systems.
  • AI and machine learning applications will go beyond our current expectations, allowing our devices to learn at a much faster and more comprehensive pace, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for personal assistants and corporate AI systems. 
  • Energy efficiency will look very different, allowing us to power device networks, entire buildings and even cities wirelessly.
  • It is expected for quantum communication and cryptography to be deployed with 6G, making communication more secure than ever.

The applications of all of these features are endless, from worldwide communication networks between self-driving cars, virtual reality taken to entire rooms and even buildings, wireless energy harvesting and powering... As we kept investigating and talking to the experts, we kept growing more and more secure in the fact that 6G is just the logical next step to take to further expand and optimise the Smart Points services, to better the user's experience and continue in our mission to make European buildings smarter.

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¿Why is Smart Points investing in tech from 10 years in the future?

6G is still at a very theoretical point of its development -we don’t fully have a grasp on 5G yet and 6G isn’t planned to come to life until 2030! There are quite a few technical aspects that make the implementation of 6G extremely complicated. So much so that industry leaders across the globe are already planning and experimenting to meet this 2030 deadline. 

Whilst it seems like the stuff of the future, the main goal of 6G is to create the cities and the society that 2030 and 2040 will require, since the world, the way in which we engage with our environment and our cities, will be completely different from Today. 

Because we are an active part of this future of smarter cities and buildings, in Smart Points we have decided to kick into gear and partner with said industry leaders to power our smart locker network with a 6G power grid. 

With this we are looking to optimise even more the functioning and response time of each Smart Point and its software’s AI, giving access to the end user to every single service in the world, wherever they are. We also want to take our sustainability measures to the next level, powering our Smart Point grid wirelessly, getting rid of any element of the process that doesn’t serve the purpose of protecting our environment. 

But it doesn’t end here: there is a world of new possibilities that come with 6G, which we are willing and ready to explore, always with the core values of sustainability, social responsibility and excellent service for the end user in mind.

And you, are you ready for the future?

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