Smart Points: what are they? Benefits and characteristics of the 3.0 smart lockers


Our lives are getting busier and busier. Also, we spend increasingly more time indoors, managing our lifestyle and work to-dos. Skilled building owners, property and facility managers know that their duty in this context is to make our day-to-day inside the building easier and more comfortable. The most effective way to do so is by acquiring solutions to allow users and administrators to manage their time efficiently. One of the best solutions in the market that brings several convenience services is the Smart Point. 

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What are the Smart Points and what do they do

At first glance, a Smart Point doesn’t look any different than a delivery locker - a fancier and more elegant looking one maybe! However, we are not talking about a simple smart locker here. This set of elegant and simple compartments with a screen has one of the most advanced software in the market. Using AI and 3.0 tech, the Smart Point offers and delivers bespoke services designed to enhance the end user’s day-to-day.
Located at the entrance of the building, its mission is to connect both courieurs and end users, avoiding intermediaries in the process thus shortening and optimising it.  Here are some of the key Smart Point services:

  • Online shopping reception, delivery and returns, as well as corporate and personal parcel management system.
  • Personal administration services, from ordering pharmacy products, dry-cleaning and shoe repairs, all the way to processing official paperwork.
  • Access to a catalog of specialty services and products through The Smart Point marketplace, such as gift products, florists, and premium coffees.
  • Charging and safe storage stations for electric scooters and folding bikes.


What benefits can the Smart Point bring to building users?


Smart Point represents a direct connection to essential and premium services for the user's daily life, both in residential buildings and in offices. In addition to premium services. However, what makes Smart Point so special? How is it different from traditional smart lockers?

  • The Smart Point can receive orders from the most popular stores in the world, such as Amazon, Zara, Zalando, MediaMarkt, Apple and the like.
  • It constitutes a direct link with the local commerce of the area, with all its specialty and artisan products.
  • Limiting the access of distributors inside the building to a single delivery point at the entrance, avoiding contact between people and thus guaranteeing hygienic and virus-proof deliveries.
  • No more failed deliveries, allowing the courieurs to leave packages inside the locker, for the user to pick their order up whenever it best suits them.
  • Reduction of the property’s carbon footprint through the Smart Point circular delivery route, using one single electric vehicle to fulfill up to 600 orders per hour. A single Smart Point can reduce up to 5.4 tons of CO2 a year.
  • With each use of the Smart Point services, the user saves ca. 45 minutes in management, travel, and payment. This allows the user to spend their free time on the things that really matter.
  • Order management from a practical mobile app or through the screen of the Smart Point or a Totem.


And for the administrators, promoters, facilities and property owners?

These are just some of the solutions that help optimising the user’s day-to-day within the building. But this is not the only reason that makes the Smart Point the perfect ally for Real Estate operators:

  • This multi-service point, equipped with next-generation technology, can be a stepping stone to turn your building into a Smart Building.
  • It can also become a strong and compelling argument for obtaining sustainability certifications for your building.
  • It can be customized, containing the color and corporate logo of the company, thus adding prestige to the building or entity.
  • The Smart Point adds value to properties of any kind, increasing the m2 price and unlinking value from location completely.

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