¿How does the Smart Point work? Frequently asked questions Smart Point August 2, 2021

¿How does the Smart Point work? Frequently asked questions

E-commerce and convenience every-changing needs have opened the door to a new delivery management phenomenon: the Smart Point. For the last few years, Smart Points across Europe have helped buildings optimise their administration and increase their value, bringing premium convenience services to residents and employees. But, how does the Smart Point work, exactly? And how can its services enhance the user’s day to day? In Today’s blog we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about this smart delivery solution. 

1.What exactly is a smart Point?

A Smart Point is an innovative multi compartment structure, similar to a traditional delivery locker, that offers over 220 convenience services, including parcel smart delivery and management. The machine itself contains a touch screen through which users will be able to access the services marketplace, also accessible through a phone app. It allows users to receive their orders and parcels without needing to be home, as well as managing and ordering premium services without needing to leave the building. 

2. How does o it work?

The most popular services are parcel delivery and reception, online shopping and returns (from all shops around the world), dry-cleaning and laundry, shoes and clothing repairs, pharmacy items and electric scooter charging and storage. Once any of these services has been ordered through the marketplace, everything kicks into gear: if the user desires to receive online shopping items, they only need to add their Smart Point user code during the order so that the courieur can leave their items inside of a designated compartment.  If it is a return, repair or wash order, the user will need to leave the item to be taken away inside of one of the Smart Point’s compartments. From there on, one of our courieurs will come pick it up, return it, or take it to the wash or repair shop. Once the item is clean and repaired, it will be returned to the locker and a notification will be sent to the user with a unique compartment opening code. 

3. What does a Smart Point look like? Can they be customised?

A Smart Point looks like a simple and sleek set of lockers with a touchscreen in the center. The lockers have different sizes to accommodate all kinds of orders. The Smart Point comes in different sizes and models, depending on the needs of the building, and they come in white or black. Any design or branding can be applied to the Smart Point, making sure to make your company stand out.

4. Are the compartments and marketplace accessible 24 hours?

Yes. The Smart Point is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So are the marketplace and the phone app, making it easy to receive packages and manage orders at the end user’s convenience.

5. How many Smart Point lockers does my building need?

Depends on the size of your building and the number of residents or employees. One Smart Point can have anywhere from 14 to 120 compartments, and that could even be further extended to fulfill your delivery needs.

6. ¿What are the benefits of installing a Smart Point?

The installation of a Smart Point provides maximum comfort for the tenants of the future home, adapts perfectly to the aesthetic needs of the building and, in addition, reduces the emission of CO2.

7. ¿How long does it take to instal a Smart Point?

The design, production and installation phases of the service last 3 weeks. Its installation adapts completely to your requirements, whether you need it to be quick in order to avoid getting in the way of the residents’ day to day, or slower to adapt to the works’ timings of your new built.

8. Can a Smart Point be installed in new construction buildings?

Yes, a Smart Point can be installed both in new construction buildings that are still in the planning stages, as well as already existing buildings.    

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