How to improve office efficiency and boost employee wellbeing Smart Point July 1, 2022

How to improve office efficiency and boost employee wellbeing

Nurturing employee well-being is key to keeping optimum mental health standards and resilience in the workplace. Beyond offering career and financial wellbeing, there also needs to be a focus on social wellness, meaning, introducing infrastructure for the employees to feel personally fulfilled and integrated, in and out of the workplace. This includes work-life balance and errand services, as well as amenities designed to bring the staff together at points throughout the workday. 

A clean, organised and welcoming work environment

The estate of the premises and work environment have a direct impact on staff efficiency. In that regard, we want to provide comfortable furniture, tools that are ready to use and in good condition, proper organisation of resources, etc.

Also, it is important that the office’s premises are nice and stimulating to be in, with spaces that invite cooperation and bonds between colleagues – remember, teamwork is more effective when there is fluent and friendly communication. So we are talking about open spaces with a sitting disposition that makes interaction easier. It is also a good idea to think about decorating the office space having in mind a simple yet functional and warm layout, bringing in natural elements like plants and daylight to make the employees feel more in touch with nature, hence more relaxed. 

Make sure that the right tools, systems and services are available

Functionality and comfort also apply, of course, to working tools. This includes physical elements such as stapplers, printers, computers, pens…. As well as organisational software, edition apps, CRMs and other programs. These elements also need to be included within a workflow in a way that is effective and works for the employees. 

For instance, if there needs to be constant sending of physical elements such as machinery parts or documents within teams, it might be a good idea to include a internal parcel delivery system within the building. One way to do this is by using a Smart Point parcel solution. 

On the other hand, not all tools and services need to be strictly linked to the employee’s working day. Rather, it can be extremely beneficial to include work-life balance services within the building, such as:

  • Dry-cleaners and laundry services delivered directly to the building’s Smart Point
  • Errand services such as key cutting, shoe and clothes repair and MOT solution
  • Virtual canteen, healthy meals, takeout and supermarket service

Optimise your building’s parcel management systems 

When it comes to office efficiency, some of the bigger companies in the world still have issues with their mailroom organisation. To the general lack of automation, we need to add the increased popularity of online shopping, which is generally done during working hours. Generally speaking, the reception and sorting of packages is left to the reception workers,

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