Office innovation trends: the future of work and corporate buildings Smart Point October 14, 2021

Office innovation trends: the future of work and corporate buildings

Historically, we have seen jobs radically change based on the evolutionary processes of our society’s technology, culture, and economy. The economic fluidity and the social and cultural changes that we are currently experiencing within the main European cities, such as Copenhagen, London, Barcelona and Lisbon, can allow us to understand and anticipate the office innovation trends that will define corporate buildings in the coming years. These trends, such as the Smart Point, aim to help the employee make the most of their working hours


Change in our workplaces, the pandemic and work-life balance

One of the most obvious factors shaping our ways of working today is the influence of COVID-19. Confinement has shown us the alternative to the busy way of life that involves working 8 hours a day from an office: working from home. From this we have been able to see the benefits that a greater balance between work and our personal life bring to our health and personal relationships. We have also learned the good in being able to work from the comfort of our home, being able to access our own facilities and services. This is one reason why offices started investing in automated user wellbeing and convenience services.

Even before the pandemic, the job market was already changing: increasingly more jobs were being carried out remotely, as many companies (especially those with international projection) have started hiring employees from different corners of the world. In addition, many jobs have started existing on a freelancing basis, even within the company, bringing corporations to adopt a flexible working model and focusing a big part of their office experience investments on their technological equipment -according to a report carried out by Accenture in collaboration with BusinessEurope, 85% of companies plan to increase their investments in digitization this year. 

Office innovation services: 2021 office digitalisation trends

The message is clear: office buildings across Europe and the world have got to focus on bringing technology and wellbeing services to their employees:

  • Communication and high tech working equipment is a key staple of offices nowadays. A lot of meetings and information transferring is currently happening via online, so it is extremely important to have excellent connectivity services and high speed equipment. 
  • Smart and secure delivery services are simply a necessity nowadays. The majority of our shopping happens online and we need the best possible automated system to securely and privately manage parcel receptions. Services like the Smart Point, which is becoming extremely popular in Copenhagen, allow the employees to receive online shopping in their assigned Smart Point compartments for them to pick up whenever they want.
  • Smart health, wellbeing and food delivery services are also necessary in a fast-paced environment where employees will need to spend long stretches of time being highly productive. Achieving optimum health is key to a happy and long life, as well as being able to be productive and engaged with our daily tasks. For this reason, it is important to provide employees with easy and quick solutions to access the best food and pharmacy services.
  • Errand and convenience services, such as dry-cleaning, clothing and shoe repairs, device repairs and checkups, document administration, parcel returns and similar are the best way to free the employees’ free time, allowing them to rest, recharge and spend time with their families. 

These innovation and work-life balance services are key to improving both the productivity at the workplace, as well as the employees’ wellbeing and happiness within the company. Service automatisation and digitalisation is also a way to promote the employee’s health, safety and privacy, protecting them with contactless options and reducing the amount of intermediaries involved in delivering them goods and services.


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