Smart Point at the PwC Scale PropTech program Smart Point February 12, 2022

Smart Point at the PwC Scale PropTech program

In December 2021, Smart Point was selected to be a part of the PwC Scale | PropTech program, as one of 9 European ScaleUps poised to reshape the Real Estate industry by addressing ESG. From Smart Point we want to thank PwC for acknowledging our constant work and drive towards a 0 carbon future, as well as the impact that a Smart Point can have on full cities’ and buildings’ ESG agenda.

About the PwC Scale PropTech program

PwC Scale | PropTech 2022 is the 3d edition of the program, and is being delivered by PwC themselves, in collaboration with GrowthBuilders. The program is being delivered over 10 weeks. Its aim is to bring together established Real Estate industry leaders and Proptech scale-ups to work together to disrupt and heavily innovate the sector, co-creating and collaborating to tap into new ways of achieving profitability, growth and innovation.

This year’s mentors, speakers and collaborators are Angus Johnston, Craig Hughes Derrick Tate, Wendy Coldrick, Stephen Meager and GrowthBuilders. And the rest of the scale-ups partaking in the program are Cool Planet Group, Verv, Perswitch, Cascade Water Products Ltd, Build-Apps, PropertyLoop, MClimate, and Wondrwall Group. 

Accessing PwC’s Scale offering, Smart Point, leaders in sustainable Smart Services and Delivery Autimation, will accelerate their growth by:

  • Gaining access to PwC’s worldwide corporate and business network 
  • Exploring opportunities with PwC’s biggest Real Estate leaders
  • Upskilling and creating teams through an elite business development curriculum

Once the program is over, Smart Point will not only have entered a long-term partnership with PwC and GrowthBuilders, but will also have built relationships with the other scale-ups, as well as the afforementioned Real Estate industry leaders, mentors and collaborators.


About Smart Point: the European Scale-up disrupting Real Estate

Smart Point is the world’s first automated reception point for goods and services for buildings and full cities, with open code technology that allows all courieur companies and registered users to access it.

The Scale-up started in Barcelona 8 years ago and is now active in several Spanish capitals and expanding across Europe, currently fully active in London, Copenhagen, Lisbon, and Germany. The Smart Point concept was developed in a small garage when the two founders, Tomas Selva and Edward Hamilton, previously engineers, started designing the technology. 

Very early on the Proptech started getting noticed, winning the awards Proptech of the year 2020 by MIPIM, and BuiltWorld: Smart City Solutions, amongst others; being selected to participate in NAR REACH’s and EIT’s Urban Mobility accelerators; and being invited to participate in 2021’s G20 Innovation League in Sorrento as one of the top 4 companies within the category ‘Smart Cities’.

Smart Points all over Europe help decarbonise last-mile logistics (from gig economies, to retail magnates) and are quickly becoming the standard of sustainable delivery of products and services to Smart Buildings and Smart Cities.

Our main focus is on prioritising zero-mile deliveries, integrating local suppliers of products and services to the Smart Point marketplace and creating smart connections to the local community, thus adding social value to the site in which each Smart Point is installed. This also promotes same-day deliveries, giving the local suppliers a benefit over bigger e-commerces.



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