What Makes A Good Coworking Space? Smart Point October 31, 2022

What Makes A Good Coworking Space?

Coworking is a type of shared office space. It’s a place where independent workers, remote employees, and businesses share common space. Coworkers are able to drop in or schedule time in advance to meet, work together, and collaborate on projects.

These spaces tend to be geared towards professionals who need more than just an internet connection and desk to work from home. They’re designed with the modern worker in mind, offering amenities like fresh meeting spaces, fast Wi-Fi, printing services, conference rooms, and more.

The perfect coworking space should feel like home away from home for its members but also be attractive for guests coming for events or new members looking for a place to call their own. Here are some things you should look out for when searching for the perfect coworking space:

Coworking Space Membership Options

All coworking spaces are not created equal. Most coworking spaces offer a few membership plans to meet the needs of their members. Some will offer month-to-month or short-term contracts while others may require a one-year contract.

Most coworking spaces will offer the following membership types:

  • Day Pass: day passes are a great way to “test drive” a coworking space before committing to a membership. Day passes typically allow access to the common areas of the coworking space but not private offices or dedicated desks.
  • Monthly Membership: monthly memberships are the most common type of coworking space membership. Monthly memberships often offer flexible access to the coworking space and a number of other benefits such as discounts on events and other coworking spaces, free coffee, and more.
    For example, some coworking facilities offer smart locker services such as Smart Point, which are of enormous help to workers for package reception and managing other services, such as ordering food or picking up laundry.
  • Short-Term Membership: short-term memberships are a great option for professionals who only need access to the coworking space for a limited time. For example, a short-term membership could be a good fit for someone who is relocating for a few months and needs a space to work from.
  • Dedicated Desk: dedicated desk memberships are most suited for businesses that need a dedicated work space. These memberships typically include things like network and internet access, desk utilities, a private phone line, and access to other coworking space amenities like the kitchen and lounge.

Good Lighting Conditions

Bright, natural, and well-timed lighting can help boost your mood and productivity. Lighting can differ from one space to the next and each person has different lighting preferences.

Coworking spaces should have adjustable lighting so members can create the right environment for their specific needs. Most coworking spaces will have varying levels of natural light so keep this in mind when assessing the lighting conditions in a potential space.

If you’re very particular about your lighting needs, consider bringing a light meter to measure the brightness and light temperature of different spaces.

Well-Equipped Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are a vital part of any coworking space. They allow remote workers and businesses to host meetings, workshops, and more. As a coworking space member, conference room access should be included in your membership.

It’s important to make sure that each conference room has everything you’ll need to host your event or meeting in there. Conference rooms should have a whiteboard, projector, and plenty of space to move around.

To help prevent distractions and keep your meeting or event on track, consider booking a room that’s away from the main coworking space.

Free Wi-Fi and Printing Services

When you’re trying to get work done, nothing can slow you down more than a slow internet connection and no printing options. Coworking spaces should offer fast and reliable internet service as well as printing services for both members and businesses using the space.

Some spaces will require members to pay per print while others will offer free printing. For remote workers who primarily use their laptops, internet speed and printing services are two of the most important considerations when choosing a coworking space.

A Clean Environment

A clean environment is key to creating a healthy and productive work culture. Most coworking spaces have cleaning services but they don’t clean the space every day. It’s important to make sure there is a cleaning schedule in place. To make sure the space is clean, you may want to bring a small disinfecting kit with you when you go to visit different coworking spaces.

Use these supplies to wipe down the communal tables, chairs, and any other surfaces where people may come into contact with your germs. It’s also a good idea to bring disinfecting wipes to use on your laptop, keyboard, and any other items you bring with you to the coworking space.

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