Smart Point for coworking

Integral management of Smart Services

Having a Smart Point in your space offers your users a catalog of product and services, without leaving the workplace. Smart Point adds value to your shared space, to your clients and to the business.

We automate all deliveries for you

Smart Point avoids incidents with personal packages. In addition, they offer a catalog of convenience services bespoke for offices and shared spaces. Ordering your favorite coffee, making your purchase of organic fruit or taking your coat to dry cleaning from your office has never been so easy!

Happy coworkers
Most committed users
More productivity
We eliminate unwanted interruptions
Convenience services
Any purchase at your fingertips
Integral package management
Automation of personal purchases

Flexible spaces, now with Smart Points!

Smart Tech
With the best and most innovative technology and logistics, we adapt our Smart Points to your space!
Opening day for all users!
We are in charge of introducing the new Smart Points and their benefits to the users!
Fast and easy
Forget about the management and incidents with personal packages! Smart Points take care of the incidents for you.
More comfort
Everyone gains in productivity and comfort: users and space managers.

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