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Smart Point

Smart lockers
for student centers

A service aligned with the preferences of today's youth

We enhance the experience for your students

We offer a tailored solution that caters to the requirements of each university regarding parcel management and service offerings. Smart Point simplifies the processes of package delivery and reception in a convenient, confidential, and secure manner.


We optimise parcel management

Smart Point promotes the organization and management of the reception in your residence, while enhancing flexibility and convenience for residents to make purchases and receive their packages in an intuitive and straightforward manner, all while ensuring their privacy.

Happy students, greener planet

Thanks to the students' eagerness to embrace technological services, Smart Point becomes their best ally for managing online purchases. Additionally, they contribute to environmental improvement by reducing their footprint through centralizing all their purchases at a single point.
Advantages for your student centers

The key benefits of opting for Smart Point services in your student center are:

Tidy front desk
Security and confidentiality
First-time delivery
Satisfaction and retention
Smart universities and
student residences
This is how Smart Point can help your student center.
  • Cost savings
  • Tidy and organized front desk
  • Reduced risk and increased safety at the centers
  • CO2 savings due to centralisation of parcels
  • Certifications and ESG reporting
  • Improvement of well-being and living conditions in cities
Hundreds of companies already count on us
What our clients say

Thousands of users and companies in Europe already rely on Smart Point’s smart lockers as their primary smart locker. Here are some opinions from some of them:
Here are some of the opinions
of real customers:

"Smart Point represents a necessary and indispensable management tool as it allows us to speed up deliveries, clears the front office for other services that need to be customized and transforms us into a modern center that is up to the standards our young people expect and value."
Laura Peregrinelli - Residence Director, Resa Valencia
"The Smart Point service is very convenient. It allows residents to pick up their parcels without the need for intervention from reception, which saves the receptionist or concierge from having to manage packages. It is a very new service that requires a learning process. That said, once it's shown how it works, everyone is delighted."
Flor Arroyo - Residence Manager, Youniq Salamanca

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