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Smart Point

Smart lockers for hospitals

Added value for healthcare personnel
Work-life balance and well-being for healthcare workers

We promote more efficient and flexible work environments, recognizing the specific schedules and shifts of healthcare personnel. Having a Smart Point for packages and services in your healthcare center means improving the demanding work life of your employees, providing them with a service tailored to their needs, especially designed to accommodate their unconventional schedules.

A tailor-made solution

Smart Point adapts to the specific needs of each center and contributes to the happiness of the medical staff.
Employee benefits

Some of the advantages of contracting Smart Point services in your hospital are:

Safe and healthy environment
Increased comfort
Support for work-life balance
Ensuring privacy
Because the future lies in smart hospitals
This is how Smart Point can help your hospital or healthcare center.
  • Immediate positive return on investment
  • Reduction of time spent on inbound parcels
  • Reduced maintenance risk and responsibility
  • CO2 savings due to centralisation of the parcels
  • Responsibility and certification of ESG reporting
  • Improvement of well-being and living conditions in cities
Thousands of companies already count on us
What our customers say

Thousands of individuals and companies in Europe already rely on Smart Point’s smart lockers as their primary intelligent storage and delivery solution. Here are some of the opinions of real customers:

"We are delighted with their functionality and ease of use in our hospital. The Smart Points are making our employees' day-to-day lives easier. It's very convenient and secure for receiving packages - keep it up we love it!"
Juan Medina - Facility manager Sant Joan de Déu Hospital
"For me Smart Point is great because I spend most of my day working and sometimes I couldn't receive my packages or they got lost. I am super happy and use it all the time."
Claudia Cook - User

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