Smart Services in your office

We transform offices and buildings

We are part of a company's employer branding program to improve employees life. We deliver more than 220 services to the office, in 24 hours


Smart Points make life easier for employees

Having a Smart Point in your company means comfort and convenience. We improve employees and companies daily life through Smart Point technology and smart services. Receiving all your purchases at the office is now easier and faster.

Savings in package management
A Smart Point reduces parcel costs
More than 200 Smart Services
We provide intelligent services to your office
We reduce absenteeism
Employees reduce time spent on personal errands
Well-being in modern workplaces
We retain talent and improve employee well-being

A Smart Point in the office adds value from the very first moment


Smart Technology
We offer the best Smart Services technology to companies, offices and buildings. We develop artificial intelligence for site services, installing in offices an exclusive services marketplace, all delivered in 24 hours to one location.
Opening day for all the employees
We achieve employee loyalty by offering a valued service that promotes work and personal conciliation. We hold an opening event to present the Smart Points within the employer branding program.
Agile package management
The management of personal packages and purchases in the office will not be a problem anymore for buildings companies. Smart Points are responsible for the delivery and collection of packages allowing the company to save on management costs.
Comfort and well-being
Companies and employees gain well-being and comfort with a Smart Point in the office. We offer direct pick-ups and purchases from your Smart Point, favoring the employee and reducing hours of work absenteeism.

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