Smart Services in your home

More than 200 Smart Services in your home

Taking your suit to the cleaners, picking up your packages or deliveries or passing the ITV of your car will no longer take you away from what you really want to be doing: your Smart Point will do it for you!

We offer a catalogue of Smart Services that are delivered in 24 hours to your building to help you with all your daily errands or chores giving you more time to do what you enjoy. 

A Smart Point makes your life easier

Saving more than 50 minutes a day in errands and personal purchases has never been easier. With a Smart Point in your residential building you will have all your local shops in one single point and where they will deliver your items on time, without any hassle or time spent by you.

Better quality of life
A Smart Point saves time by picking up your packages
Local shops
All local stores near you in one single point
CO2 savings
Multi-delivers to one single point reduces unnecesary courier trips and return trips
Creating Smart Buildings
Your residential building will increase in value, it will be a Smart Building!

Your residential building could be a Smart Building

Smart Technology
New Smart Building technology for the residential sector. Thanks to the Smart Points, you will have a marketplace of exclusive services, delivered in 24 hours in your building. Without unwanted waiting and all via the best technological experience!
Opening day for tenants
We present the smart lockers or Smart Points to all tenants in an inaugural day where they can learn about all the benefits and receive exclusive discounts on purchases of Nespresso, dry cleaning, florist, optics, parapharmacy, and many more.
Fast package reception
All purchases and packages received in the building will no longer be a problem. The Smart Points will receive the parcel of all the tenants, without you being at home.
Easy living
Your purchases and packages will be waiting for you at home. Take your coat to the dry cleaner in your own building, pass the ITV of your car with just one click or buy Nespresso capsules in 3 seconds: a Smart Point offers you comfort and saves you time to dedicate it to whatever you want.

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