Smart Building lucia September 11, 2023

We transform conventional spaces into smart buildings

We lead the way in cutting-edge smart locker technology.

Technology, well-being, and sustainability in one single place.


Continuous efficiency improvement

The key to turning a conventional space into a smart building lies in the implementation of technologies and systems that drive the following points:

Resources management
Comfort and well-being
Security and control

The " Smart Point" building

Smart Point provides all the necessary requirements to turn conventional spaces into smart buildings, adding a layer of automation and benefits to transform and differentiate buildings into a reference in sustainability and social responsibility.


Discover Smart Point's benefits:

Our smart lockers address the emerging needs within smart buildings. From wait-free package deliveries to storage options for residents and employees, Smart Point represents an enhancement in terms of automation, security, and efficiency.

Smart Point plays a crucial role in helping to mitigate the emissions associated with traditional delivery methods. With smart lockers, delivery failures are reduced and delivery routes are optimized, thus generating an improvement that has a positive impact on the environment.

We contribute to our users’ well-being by providing a safe, user-friendly and accessible service that boosts environmental awareness.


Smart Point achieves the highest Smart Building score

SmartScore is a certification that identifies the best-in-class smart buildings that offer an exceptional user experience, drive cost efficiency, meet high sustainability standards, and are totally future-proof.

This is what Smart Score has to say
about Smart Point

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